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At Dar Zaytoun, we work with a clear vision to be the leading olive oil producer in the GCC and MENA Region, while increasing our regional and international exposure.


We always look to the future with an eye of innovation and development, to meet the needs and challenges of tomorrow. The high quality of our olive oil is already recognized, and this allows us to think of an auspicious future and to continue growing to expand our oil varieties, while adding other premier products to our recently successful line. In addition, we constantly strive to continue exporting more of the very best of olive oil products to new countries thus expanding our markets and geographical spread.

Olive oil is a promising and challenging sector, as consumption is increasing around the world due to the growing health consciousness and scientifically documented health benefits. This is an exciting future where Dar Zaytoun is planning and working towards being an integral and a leading part of.



Dar Zaytoun premier olive oil comes from only the best sources of the Mediterranean region depending on the grade and profile of the end product.

Choosing the finest source is our core focus in order to have a range of products that meet our quality criteria, and finding these sources is the key to our success.


Behind each product there is a company or a family or just an ordinary independent farmer that has decided to produce only the best olive oil without compromising quality, and that’s what we support in essence”.

We personally select and import what we believe to be the best range of oils and we proudly produce it to be distributed directly to markets.

Quality Control

Every olive oil bottle of Dar Zaytoun has a story. Straight from the source, we are very careful with every step of the process to produce only the highest-quality olive oil.


We know that the origins of our products are important. So, let us take you through our journey of olive oil making/production. From selecting the oil to blending, bottling & packaging.



Dar Zaytoun is located in Saudi Arabia on the coast of the red sea, on a total area of 13,000 square meters and built up area of5,500 square meters.

The factory is designed to produce 15’000 metric tons of oil per year; and can be upgraded to reach 30’000mt.

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